we are fishermen


  With longlining, there are several quality and environmental advantages. Because the fish are still alive and there is no compression damage: The fish can be bled when the heart is still pumping, resulting in a whiter and firmer fillet. Additionally, longlining is very selective. This allows us to release unwanted fish with minimal harm and target larger fish that have already spawned. 


Line Caught

  • All of our products are harvested by using a hook & line method

  • This method protects the environment by only targeting specific species keeping the ocean floor in its original state

  • With the fish coming on board one at a time, we are able to produce a higher quality fish with minimal bruising

  • All of our products are frozen at sea within hours of being caught, capturing all the nutrients and flavors to be fresh up to a year


  • Clipper Seafoods was proud to sponsor the first Martine Stewardship Council Certificate for the Alaskan Cod industry

  • Friends of the Sea


  • Each vessel has a quality control manager on board to ensure quality consistency

  • We partner closely with our customers on market expectations and quality standards and improvements.

Fisheries Managment

  • For over 30 years. Clipper has been actively involved in shaping fisheries regulations aimed at protecting the resource for future generations.