Clipper Seafoods

SUSTAINABLE high QUALITY, line-caught seafood, frozen at sea

industry leader since 1986


High Quality, Sustainable Seafood

 At Clipper Seafoods, our mission is simple: provide our customers with the highest quality wild Alaska seafood in the most environmentally responsible manner possible. On our six hook and line vessels, each fish is caught one at a time and immediately flash-frozen to lock in freshness.  In 2006, Clipper sponsored the first MSC certified cod fishery in the world and continues to be a leader in promoting environmentally responsible fishing.


protect the catch

We’re bringing fish on board one at a time as opposed to trawlers who bring hundreds at a time. Since they are carefully handled individually, there is little or no bruising. they are flash frozen within a short period to guarantee absolute freshness of the highest quality.
— DAviD LITTLE (President)